HORSE FARM           



We learned about the joy, fun and excitement of owning miniature horses several years ago when we bought a farm and moved out to be with nature.  Although we have had these wonderful little animals around us for a while now, they never cease to amaze us with their spirit, heart and mind!  Do not let the small size fool you.  Miniature horses bring with them all the same qualities and assets as any full size horse and have the same willingness to please! 

When we moved to the country, we planned to bring horses into our life as soon as possible, but we anticipated "regular" horses we could trail ride and jump.  However, once we met our first mini on a friend's farm we were hooked and have never looked back.  Whatever we hoped for in a horse we have found with my minis, and so much more. Over the years they have taught us about love, courage, strength, hope, and peace. We are so very grateful to have met and loved these wonderful beings!

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